Igreja Presbiteriana de Manaus

Manaus, Amazonas-Brazil


Project: Cacau Pirera

Led by Alcedir Sentalin, a passionate mission-minded evangelist and pastor with IPM, this inner-city project is a beautiful reflection of God’s unconditional love, his expansive mercy, and extravagant grace. Cacao Pirera is an impoverished community near the banks of the Rio Negro. The area is a target for drug and human trafficking. The local effort is social, humanitarian, and evangelistic. VLM is proud to support this important project. We are planning a weeklong trip in November to include a VBS for kids, a medical clinic, legal counseling, and evangelism.



Igreja Presbiteriana de Petropolis

Manaus, Amazonas-Brazil


Project: Maues Para Cristo

This congregation has a heart for the indigenous people of the Amazon. They have supported a mission, now based in Maues, for 27 years. The project involves a year-round evangelism through a process of recruiting and training missionaries who go into the jungle to share the gospel. Every other year, they partner with a church from North Carolina, which sends a medical team. In that year, they lease a large boat, which serves as a medical facility and lodging for the team. Supporting the medical team is a group of folks who work with children, cook meals for the villagers, and focus on evangelism. VLM will recruit a team from local churches in South FL to make an annual trip on the medical boat.



Compasión Internacional, Inc.

Ecuador, Cuba


Project: misionesconpasion.org

Led by Pastor David Monduy, this organization’s goal is to reach communities in the indigenous areas of Ecuador and to establish community resource centers in some of the poorest areas of Cuba. Along with financial support, VLM plans to make a few trips in the near future.



Escuela de Evangelistas Alberto Mottesi

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico


Project: EDEAM

VLM is pleased to support the work of EDEAM, a global evangelism training organization. This organization trains and equips men and women who are dedicated to share the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe. Today EDEAM has over 50 training centers in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. The VLM grant will go to establish evangelism-training centers in Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.





Life Together Nicaragua, Inc.



Project: Cristo Rey, Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Led by the Taylor family who are full time missionaries, this organization has a three-prong project in Cristo Rey, a barrio that houses some of the poorest people in Nicaragua:

  1. A Student Enrichment Center which provides Christian education to children in grade school.
  2. Christ the King’s Kitchen, a feeding program for children at high-risk for malnutrition,
  3. A building project to erect a kitchen, warehouse, and bathroom with much needed electricity.

With God’s favor, VLM will send a team next February 2016.




Instrumento de Tu Gloria, Inc.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Project: Instrumento de Tu Gloria

VLM is pleased to partner with Misael Valera, Lead Pastor of ‘Instrumento de Tu Gloria’, as they launch their vision for a different type of church serving the Hispanic community. Beginning January 25, 2015, this new congregation based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, will seek the presence of God through dynamic worship and relevant biblical teaching. Their vision is to rise up a new generation of worshipers who seek to share God’s love with other Hispanics. As people come to Jesus Christ, their lives are transformed by work of the Holy Spirit. With this transformation comes a powerful testimony of grace, mercy, and hope that can in turn transform the culture of our society. The vision is to plant 5 churches in targeted countries such as Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and the US





The Timothy Initiative

Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean


Project: TTI

VLM will support The Timothy Initiative through a grant to help them continue planting churches and training local pastors around the world. TTI is led by their founder and President, David Nelms. The focus on TTI is to train church planters to plant churches. Through their efforts and that of their partnerships, more than 25,000 churches have been planted in 40 countries. The VLM grant will go to plant churches in Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean.






South America Mission

Bolivia and Peru


Project: www.southamericamission.org

This interdenominational missions organization has been in ministry for over 100 years. Their vision is to see multiplied, dynamic churches all across South America. Their ministry focuses on leadership development, local church planting, primary Christian education, air transportation (for missionaries), and Holistic ministries such as healthcare, agriculture, drug rehabilitation, and poverty relief. visionLAUNCH has donated to their cause in these two countries and plans to visit them later this year.






Praying Pelican Mission

Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica


Project: www.prayingpelicanmissions.org

This organization partners with local churches in the US and connects them to local churches around the world. They work primarily in south and west Africa and central America. The visionLAUNCH grant will support projects in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico and we plan to partner with them in Colombia to reach the Wayuu people in northern Columbia. There is an opportunity to partner with several other organizations that are working in the same area.

Church Planting International

Mexico and Peru


Project: churchplantinginternational.org

This organization is focused on church planting, equipping and training pastors and missionaries, and ministries of compassion such as orphanages, building homes, and providing clean water, food, and medicines-especially to the tribal communities of the Peruvian Amazon. visionLAUNCH has provided a grant that will go towards church planting, and established a matching fund for a fund-raising project to establish a training center in the city of Pucallpa.






Baptist Church Planters

United States


Project: www.bcpusa.org

More than just a church planting organization, BCP supports churches through their Churchcare subsidiary. This includes growth, loans, construction projects, tech support, etc. visionLAUNCH provided a grant for BCP’s Hispanic Ministries department to focus on reaching Hispanics in Amercia. BCP has projects in states such as TN, NC, SC, VA where there has been a significant growth of Hispanics.






The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)

Spain and Peru


Project: www.team.org

The purpose of TEAM is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God. TEAM has ministries on each continent and in over 30 countries. This year, they are celebrating their 125th anniversary, and in their honor, visionLAUNCH has donated to their efforts in Spain and Peru.






Give New Life



Project:   Give New Life

This is a ministry has rescued hundreds of children in and around Michoacan, Mexico. A ministry founded by Dr. John Cook began as an orphanage and free medical clinic, but now serves the broader needs of impoverished and abandoned children:

  1. Basic needs (food, healthcare, shelter)
  2. Spiritual needs as they teach them the love of God and how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. The needs of the community through a local church.

I am pleased to announce that visionLAUNCH has made a donation so they may continue to make a difference in Michoacan, and a team will visit them this July.






The Olim Fund



Project: www.olimfund.org

As Christians we are called to bless Israel, and visionLAUNCH has provided a grant in obedience to this biblical principle. We are also called to “visit orphans and widows in their afflictions” (James 1:27), and we are called to “honor widows” (1 Timothy 5:3). The Olim Fund does exactly that. They assist Jewish immigrants as they return to their homeland. Many are poor, children, and widows. It s a beautiful expression of God’s love and opens the door to evangelism among our Jewish brothers and sisters.






Every Nation Ministries

Spain and Venezuela


Project: www.everynation.org

This is a global ministry whose vision is to establish churches and campus ministries in every nation. They apply a unique church planting program which consists of assessment, boot camp training, coaching, consulting and “clusters” (pastoral relationships leading to mentoring and best practices). The visionLAUNCH grant was designated for projects in Spain and Venezuela.






The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Venezuela, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina


Project: http://www.cmalliance.org

The CM Alliance is a global network, planting churches, discipling, and mentoring new believers to become healthy, passionate Jesus followers. Today the alliance family consists of 2,000 churches and 500,000 worshipers speaking 37 languages and dialects. VisionLAUNCH provided grants to CMA projects in Venezuela, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.

LATCOM Missions



Project: http://www.cmalliance.org

This organization works primarily in Bolivia. A visionLAUNCH grant was designated for the REDES project. ‘REDES’ stands for Relationship, Evangelize, Disciple, Equip, and Serve. The Rojas and Chuvé families began the REDES project in 2009 by training, mentoring, and uniting the church leaders into a church association. God has brought other mission partners to work with them and fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples, baptize, and teach others to obey everything Christ commanded (Matt. 28:19-20).

Connect Church West

Loxahatchee, FL


Project: www.connectchurchwest.com

VisionLAUNCH gave a grant to support this new church in Loxahatchee, Florida, planted by First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach serving the western communities of Palm Beach County. Praise God, His kingdom continues to expand!